Always Ask, Never Assume

The CNN photographer John was told that a twin engine plane would be waiting at the airport. Arriving at the airport he spotted a plane warming up outside the hangar. He jumped in & said: “Lets go.” The pilot happily took off. Once in the air John told the Pilot: “Fly low over the valley so I can take pictures of the fire on the hill.” Pilot: “Why?” John: “I’m the photographer for CNN....

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IPv6 only experiment

For long time was wondering whether I can shift to 100% IPv6 stack. Finally decided to give it a try. List of site which were evaluated. Category Name IPv6 Ready AntiVirus Macafee No AntiVirus Norton No AntiVirus QuickHeal No Astronomy IUCAA No Banking Axis Bank (Akamai) Yes Banking Axis Bank Netbanking No Banking HDFC Bank Yes Banking HDFC Bank Netbanking No Banking IDBI Bank Yes Banking IDBI Bank Netbanking No* Banking SBI Yes Banking SBI Netbanking Yes Blog Medium (CloudFlare) Yes Blog Wordpress No CDN CloudFlare Yes Cloud Hosting Amazon AWS No Cloud Hosting DigitalOcean Yes Cloud Hosting Heroku No Cloud Hosting Linode Yes Cloud Hosting Oracle Cloud Yes Cloud Infra Open Stack (CloudFlare) Yes Database DuckDB (CloudFlare) Yes Database MariaDB Yes Database MongoDB (CloudFront) Yes Database PostgreSQL Yes Database Sqlite Yes Development BitBucket Yes Development GitHub No Development GitLab Yes Development MDN a....

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Random Color for iTerm Tabs

Add following in $HOME/.zshrc function color { case $1 in random) t=$((( RANDOM % 256 ) )) echo -e "\033]6;1;bg;red;brightness;${t}\a" t=$((( RANDOM % 256 ) )) echo -e "\033]6;1;bg;green;brightness;${t}\a" t=$((( RANDOM % 256 ) )) echo -e "\033]6;1;bg;blue;brightness;${t}\a" ;; esac } color random

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Python packaging with cython

cython converts python code to C/C++ and creates compiled extensions. Generally this is used to speed up the execution, but one can also use it for protecting their python source code. Code structure package_tutorial +- +- +- my_pkg +- +- module_one.pyx +- module_two.pyx +- utils.pyx # from . import utils from . import module_one from . import module_two # def add(a, b): return a+b # module_one....

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Importance of Documentation

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