GnuPG Key signing party

<key_id> will be signed by <your_key_id>. Importing the key from server [gpg2 –recv-keys <key_id>]{.title-ref} Verify fingerprint [gpg2 –fingerprint <key_id>]{.title-ref} Signing the key [gpg2 –sign-key <key_id>]{.title-ref} Sending the key [gpg2 –armor –output <key_id>.signed_by.<your_key_id>.asc –export <key_id>]{.title-ref} <key_id>.signed_by.<your_key_id>.asc can be send by email or shared using any file sharing service. Importing the signed key [gpg2 –import <key_id>.signed_by.<your_key_id>.asc]{.title-ref} Exporting the signed key to server [gpg2 –send-keys <key_id>]{.title-ref} Other useful links What is key signing Debian Key Signing

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