For long time was wondering whether I can shift to 100% IPv6 stack. Finally decided to give it a try. List of site which were evaluated.

Category Name IPv6 Ready
AntiVirus Macafee No
AntiVirus Norton No
AntiVirus QuickHeal No
Astronomy IUCAA No
Banking Axis Bank (Akamai) Yes
Banking Axis Bank Netbanking No
Banking HDFC Bank Yes
Banking HDFC Bank Netbanking No
Banking IDBI Bank Yes
Banking IDBI Bank Netbanking No*
Banking SBI Yes
Banking SBI Netbanking Yes
Blog Medium (CloudFlare) Yes
Blog Wordpress No
CDN CloudFlare Yes
Cloud Hosting Amazon AWS No
Cloud Hosting DigitalOcean Yes
Cloud Hosting Heroku No
Cloud Hosting Linode Yes
Cloud Hosting Oracle Cloud Yes
Cloud Infra Open Stack (CloudFlare) Yes
Database DuckDB (CloudFlare) Yes
Database MariaDB Yes
Database MongoDB (CloudFront) Yes
Database PostgreSQL Yes
Database Sqlite Yes
Development BitBucket Yes
Development GitHub No
Development GitLab Yes
Development MDN a.k.a. Mozilla Development Network (CloudFront) Yes
Development MSDN MicroSoft No
Development Python Package Index Yes
Development SourceForge No
Development SourceHunt No
Editors Vim No
Education IISER No
Education IITB No
Email GMail Yes
Email Yes
Email Outlook No
Email Proton Mail No
Email Yahoo Mail No
Email Zoho Mail No
Email Client ThunderBird Yes*
Encyclopedia Wikipedia Yes
Entertainment Amazon PrimeVideo No
Entertainment HotStar No
Entertainment NetFlix Yes
Entertainment SonyLiv (Akamai) Yes
Entertainment Zee5 No
Government India ( No
Messaging Libera Chat Yes
Messaging Matrix - (CloudFlare) Yes
Messaging Telegram Yes
Messaging WhatsApp Yes
News AlJazeera (Akamai) Yes
News BBC No
News CNN (Fastly) Yes
News Kesari No
News Loksatta (Akamai) No
News Maharashtra Times (Akamai) Yes
News Prahaar No
News Prasar Bharati No
News Russian Times - No
News Times Of India (Akamai) Yes
News eSakal (CloudFlare) Yes
OS Alpine Linux Yes
OS Apple (Akamai) Yes
OS ArchLinux Yes
OS CentOS Yes
OS FreeBSD Yes
OS IndLinux No
OS Microsoft Yes
OS Mint No
OS RedHat Yes
OS Ubuntu Yes
Online Storage Box No
Online Storage Dropbox Yes
Online Storage Mega Yes
Online Storage OneDrive No
Programming Go Lang Yes
Programming Java Yes
Programming JavaScript Yes
Programming Lua Yes
Programming PHP Yes
Programming Perl (Fastly) Yes
Programming Python (Fastly) Yes
Programming Ruby (Fastly) Yes
Q&A Quora (Fastly) No
Q&A StackOverflow No
SSL Certs Let’s Encrypt No
SSL Certs ZeroSSL No
Search Bing Yes
Search Brave Yes
Search DuckDuckGo No
Search Google Yes
Search Start Page No
Shared Hosting DreamHost Yes
Shopping AmazonIN (Cloudflare) Yes
Shopping Flipkart No
Social Network FaceBook Yes
Social Network Instagram Yes
Social Network Twitter No
VCS/DVCS Fossil Yes
VCS/DVCS Mercurial (Hg) Yes
VCS/DVCS Subversion Yes
VPN Proton VPN No
VPN WireGuard Yes
Video Vimeo No
Video YouTube Yes
Web Server Apache Yes
Web Server HAProxy Yes
Web Server Nginx Yes
WebBrowser Brave Yes
WebBrowser Dillo No
WebBrowser FireFox No
WebBrowser Opera No
- NIXI - Yes*
- No
- Tor - Yes

No* -> Has DNS entry, site not accessible Yes* -> Website available, Download not available